There Are So Many Things to Say…

But finding your voice amidst a pandemic is hard.

Three weeks ago I sent out my last email and I didn’t think that three weeks later this is where I would be. I’ve made and shipped out over 100 free masks, been stuck at home with my 3 children, and have been working on keeping myself together as well. Friends, this shit is hard.

Before I share how we are, how are you and your family?

We’re ok. On the one hand I’m really grateful that my work is flexible enough that I’m still able to generate an income while I work with my kids at home. On the other hand, as due dates come up, follow ups happen and more people contact me about masks, I feel my anxiety spiraling.

If you’re struggling during this time, it’s ok. If you don’t know how to feel during this time, it’s ok too! And if all this changes every hour, that’s ok too.

One of the things that’s helped me this most is the ashwagandha I’ve been taking. I also take my Adrenal & AnxietyFree from Ridgecrest Herbals since all these help with my mood and energy levels. Being active really helps as well. Last weekend we played a game of tag with all of us and it was so much fun. This week we’ve been getting outside as much as possible which is also a big help.

What are some things you’re doing to help you alleviate the anxiousness?

Ok, I’m going to run now and do some sewing of masks (womp) and then doing something fun like eat chocolate and then workout.

We’ll chat soon but in the meantime, stay up!

Aaronica Cole
Head Creator
The Crunchy Mommy