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Star Shopper has been connecting the best of Northwest Arkansas and beyond in print and online for over 47 years. Star Shopper and #FarOutStars work to connect NWA and beyond. Automobile Dealers! Business Services! Free Print Publications! Shoppers! Buyers! Readers! Sellers. . . Shop Local, Buy Local! 

World Peace Ball Fayetteville Town Center


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There is nothing that will pull me out of the winter blues faster than the bloom of the dogwood trees every spring. When I first see hints of their bloom, I get excited, and often will go out...

There Are So Many Things to Say

There Are So Many Things to Say... But finding your voice amidst a pandemic is hard. Three weeks ago I sent out my last email and I didn’t think that three weeks later this is where I would be. I’ve...

10 Tips To Improve Dietary Adherence

You may have found the best nutrition strategy for you – but if you can’t stick to it, how will you ever achieve your goals? Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge applied consistently over time is...

Gardening Projects

This my weekend project: Cleaning up the flower bed. There's daisies, purple clover, radishes, carrots, and and sunflowers behind the fountain. Here are a few before and after pictures:Front...


Today, we as a people worldwide are facing a crisis that even my 89-year old mother has never seen in her lifetime. Anxiety runs high in everyone now, and as someone who lives with bipolar...

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Star Shopper has complied links to valuable information. SEEK KNOWLEDGE AND SHARE!   Governor Asa Hutchinson: Governor Asa Hutchinson YouTube:...

Dream Big!

As a parent of two teenage girls, I have often struggled to know how to advise them through their lives. When our girls were young, my husband and I would discuss how to raise our girls. Should we...


For over 20 years, The Payroll company has assisted Star Shopper. Our business has experienced many ups downs and all arounds. The qualified staff has repeatedly assisted us in all of our...

Videos to Watch: Some of the Most Attended Clinton School Speaker Series Programs

The Clinton School of Public Service Speaker Series welcomes a diverse array of programs ranging from senators, congressman, cabinet officials, and ambassadors to renowned academics, corporate CEOs,...

Governor Asa Hutchinson

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson continues to update and share current information pertaining to the state of Arkansas plans, statistics, and more on his YouTube channel. Click here to view his...

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