Today, we as a people worldwide are facing a crisis that even my 89-year old mother has never seen in her lifetime. Anxiety runs high in everyone now, and as someone who lives with bipolar depression and anxiety, it threatens a crash-and-burn for someone that methodically manages it on a daily basis in normal times. And these times are far from normal.

When the virus started to move across the US, I traveled to my mother’s house in rural north Arkansas, where we are now “hunkered down”, waiting for the crisis to abate. It’s not a bad place to be quarantined actually. The house she and my father built when they retired sits on a bluff over a fork of the Spring River, just miles away from the a-frame cabin he built for us when I was a baby. My roots run deep here, since that cabin was much more than a vacation home for us. My father was a Methodist minister, which means that I grew up in Methodist parsonages… homes belonging to the church, that we simply lived in for a few years. So when I think of my “hometown”, I think of Hardy, and our cabin, and Spring River.

As the news reports become more alarming, I find myself outside multiple times a day, looking for things to offset the anxiety threatening to rise up within me. Being in a beautiful setting makes it easy to find what I’ve started to think of as my #FoundJoy. Now when I go outside, I am looking for something new each day to inspire me, to give me joy, and maybe just a little bit of hope. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Lee Ann Kendrick

Lee Ann Kendrick


Lee Ann is the owner of Lake Designs Associates of Fayetteville, a design and marketing firm. She is comfortable as both a web communicator, designer, and production specialist. As the head of the creative team, she works hand-in-hand with clients to gather information and direct the team in the process to meet the specific marketing objectives set forth in the initial meetings.

In her spare time Lee Ann likes to write, put on parades, and hang out with her grandkids.