As a parent of two teenage girls, I have often struggled to know how to advise them through their lives. When our girls were young, my husband and I would discuss how to raise our girls. Should we encourage the girls to dream big, or help them to understand that life can be rough? We wondered should we give them some insight into the fact that growing up can be awful, and that life will present some hard terrible times? I have felt sadness seeing their understanding change over the years. When they were babies, toddlers, and young children, we enjoyed seeing their joy regarding life. Their life was good. They were blessed to be healthy and happy and loved by many!

As they grew older, it saddened me to see them grow and learn that not everyone has their best interests at heart.

We continued to do our best to encourage them to DREAM BIG! Fortunately they have DREAMED BIG!

As we find ourselves in this new way of life, I recognize that some big challenges lay ahead of us all.

I connected with Allison Glocks words in this article published on CNN: