A recent trip to Colorado led us to discover a magical place – Mancos, Colorado. Mancos reminds me of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s a small bedroom community filled with artisans, loving people who are people of the earth.  The human spirit seems strong there.

The earth, spirits, and beauty of Mancos SUCK MY SOUL!


We discovered some lovely and interesting people and artisans while visiting Mancos.

Jan Wright has a beautiful book about her spiritual awakening. Humans and nature are connected. Her work that she labels as Encounters with Nature are colorful and appealing in many ways.


Wild Valley Photos capture the beauty of the four corners area. Stephanie was working the day and time that I visited the ARTISANS OF MANCOS! This studio is artist owned and operated. An artist is in duty all of the time. Woodworking, photography, printmaking, jewelry, glass, furniture, and so many works of art.


Stephanie was warm, inviting and very knowledgeable about the region, people and artists represented in this special studio.

Amazing artisans selling amazing artworks. Woodworking, printmaking, photography, jewelry, watercolors, furniture, design…… Amazing art pieces that will add to your collections.


Chris and I met a great couple, Candi and Greg, that are living on the road. They were gracious, kind and inspiring. And Candi could be a sales person for Storytellers travel vehicles.