I begin my morning walking to the top of Sheryl, a hill in my childhood neighborhood that I used to sled as a child. I took it to cross over the mountain to get to Wet Willy to watch my cousins skate the water park in the off-season.

I grieve for what I have lost. A friend whose dog was named Johnny Cash. Every dog he had as long as I knew him was named Johnny Cash.

As I grieve the health of the world we once knew, I pray for the good, the bad, and the ugly. The spirits beyond my comprehension continue to surprise me and take me to my inner truths that I love with all of my being. Heart, soul, and mind. I believe those that know my truths love my heart, soul, and mind.

Life is such a complicated dance. We dance with others and with ourselves from our inner being.

As our family dances a difficult dance, I turn to my mindful practices that have helped me dance through many powerful storms. And I have faith that more storms are brewing.

When I lived in the rivers with the alligators and through adolescence, we endured many, many frightening storms. One of the things I could count on is that the sun would rise and fall, no matter what, and the stars are always out!!!!  Above and below!!!

I believe many #faroutstars are with me and the people I love, always. And the #faroutstars will love my #faroutstars through all the weather life presents them.

See the beauty, feel the love, believe in the #faroutstars.

Enjoy this NPR Tiny Desk Concert with Alicia Keys: